Food & Drinks

Eating, Drinking, and Singing with the Dead

Almudena Cemetery (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Today is the 2nd of November and we celebrate all our people who no longer live.People will go from their homes, today, to the cemeteries and visit their loved ones who have gone into the beyond.

On this day, all of our cemeteries will fill with life, as on no other day. People who never thought to give any living person a bunch of flowers or sing songs to their loved ones will do so today. They will be seated before he tombs talking for all the time they need.

The price of flowers will rise to the skies today, since everyone will go visit the dead. They will carry in their hands a flower bunch in different colors. They will buy the blooms before entering the cemeteries since outside there will be a large quantity of vendors with a large assortment of flowers.

Not only will there be flowers, there must always be food. The family members of the dead prepare the dishes and drink that she or he loved when they were alive. They take these, serve them up, and place them on the tomb. In this way both the dead and the living enjoy a meal together.

Various children will be found in the cemeteries this day who clean niches where the caskets are sealed. They offer their services to families. They also tend to sing for the people who have passed on. Many people will pay them to show their talents in honor of the people who have passed away.

Besides this you will find games of all types. These are set up outside the cemeteries. There the family’s children can spend the day enjoying themselves and having great fun. Prepared food is also available. Vendors sell a whole variety of dishes at the cemeteries on this day.

As the hours go by, you forget about time and, before you know it, dusk arrives. Everyone quickly gets ready to go home after spending a beautiful day with their loved ones. After having raised too many of the ever present beers and pitchers of chicha leave to continue partying just a few blocks from the cemeteries’ gates. On this day, various touring groups who play chicha music will arrive and people love to close the day dancing and singing.

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