Demons in Roof-Top Cats

Cats are very curious animals. At the same time, they hide many things. You could even think of them as very jealous and untrusting animals, especially if you give them a lot of love and confidence.

A story tells of an old woman who rescued a small kitten she found in an abandoned house. She took it home with her to take care of it.

The Devil Cat (Hebert Huamani Jara)
The Devil Cat (Hebert Huamani Jara)

As it grew, like every pet, it was very tender and playful. Because of it there were no rodents in the house and for a good time all was was quiet.

It is known when cats are males usually leave the house in search of a female and in many cases never return.

On a full moon, people heard the cry of a baby coming from the roof of the house. When the old woman looked up was her cat making this kind of sound. The old lady paid no attention and let that night pass figuring her cat was just fighting with another cat.

Suddenly, in the house she began to hear strange sounds. Other roof-top cats had come to hold a meeting. The next day, since the old lady knew a lot about cats and abnormal things, she cut off a piece of each of her cat’s ears.

The poor cat stayed for days in the house until his wounds healed so that on the next full moon he could go out. Suddenly more cats began to come and make sounds like children crying. Her roof became a meeting of cats as if it were a gathering of demons.

All the cats were standing on two legs and their tails were moving from side to side, when they saw the cat of the old woman, they were all enraged because its ears were cut. Suddenly, they all stood around him. The larger cat threw him to the ground and with his front paws began to pound the chest of the old woman’s cat until something came out of it.

This was like the soul of a demon. The cat was released and fled in terror to its house. All the cats did as a procession with the soul of the demon, standing on two paws meowing and slowly they left.

The old woman’s cat was free and spent the rest of its life with her.

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