Days of The Andean Week

The Inca and the Sun (Gaby Filgueira)

For the people of the Andes, the days of the week begin in the following way with a celebration of different Inca deities. On the first day we recognize the most important Inca god, the sun.

Sunday is called Intichay p’unchay : The Day of the Sun.

Monday – Killachay p’unchay : The Day of the Moon.

Tueday – Antichay p’unchay : The Day of Being Able to Do Things.

Wednesday – Qoyllurchay p’unchay : Day of the Morning Star, Venus.

Thursday – Illapachay P’unchay : The Day of Illapa, Lightning and Thunder.

Thursday – Ch’askachay p’unchay : The Day of the Stars.

Saturday – K’uychichay p’unchay : The Day of the Rainbow.

In this way people lived and carried out their activities. Today we continue with this program throughout the week.

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