Cuzco’s Senzo, the Best Hotel Restaurant in the Cono Sur

Cuzco’s Senzo Restaurant is the best hotel restaurant in the Southern Cone, trumpets a relatively new food site, They announced this as part of their First Best of 2013 Awards.

These awards are voter driven and votes flooded in from most continents, the site reports.

Not surprisingly, Peru topped the awards with recognition for its Mistura Festival, its Nikkei Es Peru cookbook, and its Etiqueta Negra publication. Neighboring Bolivia also obtained honors with its Gastrocruz and its Gustu Restaurant.

Senzo, located in the prestigious Palacio Nazarenas hotel richly deserves the honor. Virigilio Martinez, one of the finest and most well known chefs in Peru and the mind behind Senzo is also responsible for the Central Restaurant of Lima which increasingly appears in lists of the top restaurants of the world.

Martinez defined the idea of Senzo as follows: “There is a radius of experiences available to the people who travel to Cuzco, to Urubamba, and to the eyebrow of the jungle around Machu Picchu. This is what people have in their memories and this is what is invoked when they come to Senzo and receive their food. The objective it that each serving announce the region, that it sings the song of the land.”


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