Cuzco’s Palacio Nazarenas, Best in the World

Entrance to the Nazarenas (Photo: About Cusco)

The world’s best luxury hotel is found in Cuzco, according to a ranking of customer reviews carried out by the website  Dedicating to providing information to the hospitality industry on its reputation, Review Pro also provides rankings to the public by cities, regions, and categories.

Cuzco’s Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, located in what once was a convent esteemed for its architectural character, sits a block from the City’s Plaza de Armas on a quiet street and charming plaza. Its five stars are well deserved according to the reviews the hotel receives.

The Palacio Nazarenas describes itself as an “intimate urban retreat”. Though in the heart of a very active city with lots of noise and drama, the Nazarenas creates a different world, where one leaves the city behind at the street door and enters a different place with fountain, outstanding restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, beauty, and calm.

Inside the Stunning Palacio Nazarenas Hotel (Photo: Belmond)
Inside the Stunning Palacio Nazarenas Hotel (Photo: Belmond)

Though hours away from Machu Picchu, the hotel is owned by the same company that owns the famed Orient Express trains that provide luxury travel to Hyrum Bingham’ discovery. Nevertheless, the company has renamed itself as the Belmond,  Its hotel train, the Northern Belle in the UK claimed second place in Review Pro’s rankings.

The honor awarded it brings much deserved distinction to the Imperial City, Cuzco and its outstanding range of travel offerings.

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