Cuzco Prepares for Christmas and New Years’ Celebration

Three Kings on a Store Window

A Christmas air has settled on the Inca city. For a week now the whole city of Cuzco prepares to receive the Christmas and end of year feasts. Everything is clad in color.

Colored lights shaped like animals, bells, and stars, among other things, occupy gardens on Cuzco’s principle avenues: the Sun Avenue, the Garcilaso Avenue, and the Avenue of Culture. In the streets and plazas of our beautiful city colors and decorations jump out  to shout “it’s Christmas”.

Restaurants, juice bars, travel agencies, clothing stores, hotels, and more are all adorned in order to receive clients with an air of peace and joy for the festivities.

In many of these establishments you can see how the people have fun putting together their manger scenes and their Christmas trees with lots of gifts hanging from them. Of course there is always a star on the tip of the tree.

Most of the restaurants on the Plaza de Armas, as well as all the other businesses decorate their doors, windows, and balconies. They fill them the with colored lights, red ribbons and bows, as well as figures. When you walk under the different portales, the colonnades of the Plaza, it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the decoration. Some of the businesses hand from the balconies lights or dolls of the old man who goes in windows and down chimneys with ease.

Plaza Regocijo by Night
Plaza Regocijo by Night

This month the markets fill with clients as well as street vendors who come to offer their products. All of this creates an excitement and joy in people . You can find so much in the markets. From Christmas gifts to food it is all there. All you have to do is look.

Throughout the month you can see merchants wearing a red cap.

Cell phone and communications companies send employees into the street dressed as Father Christmas to hand out flyers near their doors and displays.

Children come up to them as do other passers by and dance with them to the sound of Christmas carols and our traditional Christmas music, villancicos. They entertain and give fun to the children and share the joy with all.

Putting Lights on the Fountain in the Main Plaza
Putting Lights on the Fountain in the Main Plaza

All of Cuzco dresses up with bright colors and happiness. Like the businesses, Cuzco’s homes also fill with Christmas decorations the people buy in the streets.

If you walk around you will see the visitors and the local people filled with the Christmas spirit. The streets are filled with colorful decorations and the businesses offer all kinds of decorations to put together your own nativity scene in your house. There are Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snow, angels playing instruments, and much more. But all of these have the goal of enjoying these very meaningful holidays and having peace with one another.

One feels a lot of good energy with the approach of these dates. Cuzco is prepared to receive Christmas and New Years with its customary verve and good will.

Lights on the Plaza de Armas at Dusk
Lights on the Plaza de Armas at Dusk
A Christmasy Cuzco by Night
A Christmasy Cuzco by Night
The Municipality's Christmas Tree and the Two Churches on the Plaza
The Municipality’s Christmas Tree and the Two Churches on the Plaza



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