Cuzco Loves Its Dark Beer

Chicha and frutillada are beverages which the people of Cuzco and its provinces consume all the time. They are drunk as if soft drinks. They please to the fullest with their flavors and cause friends to share emotions and feelings while they drink.

In most of Cuzco’s neighborhoods you will find our typical chicherias, places where chicha and frutillada are served and consumed, along with small plates. These are identified by a red plastic bag hanging outside. Everyone knows when they see the red bag that you can enjoy some delicious glasses of these Andean refreshments which are prepared from natural ingredients.

Enjoying a Glass of Chicha Drink (Photo: Wayra)
Enjoying a Glass of Chicha Drink (Photo: Wayra)

Besides these two drinks, we also have out Cusqueña beer. This is one of the beverages produced in our city. There is a brewery behind the Clorinda Matto de Turner School. That is where they innovate Cusqueña beer. Not only do they make the Pilsen style that is very popular, they also make a dark beer that we call cerveza negra. This beer only comes in larger bottles and it has a exquisite, rich flavor. Some people consume it along with a glass of chicha. The ask for a glass and then add the black beer to it.

More than anything else, this beer is like a dessert for the people of Cuzco and for many outsiders. Its flavor is bittersweet and delicious. In baptisms and marriages people tend to make toasts with Cusco’s black beer. You find it all over and, as a result, people ask for it.

The Special Collection of Cusqueña Beer
The Special Collection of Cusqueña Beer




In the last few years, the Cervecería Cusqueña created new beers for the people of our city and region. They are considered special collection beers and, like the dark beer, have an excellent flavor. There is the golden beer and the wheat beer, They are creating a sensation among the people of Cuzco. These are among the latest beers that our beer company has produced.

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