Cuzco Celebrates May Day, The Workers’ Day

Cuzco just continues from one celebration to the next.  One finishes and we start the preparations for the next one; a feast takes place today, May Day, the Day of Workers.  This special day is celebrated to the fullest in Cuzco.

Everyone who works daily anxiously await this day when no one can stop them from doing what they desire.  Today, the majority of workers in the city have the day off, although those who work for themselves may continue to work as if it was a normal day.

On this special day Cuzco is celebrating. In the morning, when the sun breaks the hills, families are already moving through the city’s streets looking for things they can do together.

Early in the morning many people like a good dish of ceviche.  It is spicy with its hot chilies and helps them begin their celebration of this special day.  They will also raise a couple of beers in honor of the day.

Until the sun goes down, the city’s families will be celebrating.  They will go to various attractive places that are a bit removed from the city, such as Saylla and Tipon, to enjoy a special dish as well as enjoy the performances on tap for the day.

After a full day of celebration, people will rest come night so they are ready to work again the next day.  Other people go out to enjoy the discotheques and bars of the city.  These are also ready to continue the celebration with drinks and music until early morning.







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