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Cusqueños Love Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a dish we particularly enjoy here in Cuzco. We make it at home to enjoy at lunchtime. Its main ingredient, of course, is the potato, but not just any potato. The best potatoes for mashing are the peruanita and the yellow potato. They are what we call more harinosas, more floury, and as a result make better mashed potatoes.

We like to eat our mashed potatoes with white rice. It is a faithful companion on our plates in Cuzco. It is an important part of our gastronomy and its delicious taste makes people consume it every day.

White rice and mashed potatoes make up this dish. But the people of Cuzco use their imagination and add something else, such as a delicious stew of chicken or maybe a piece of grilled steak. These are the most common additions that people add to the background of rice and potatoes.

Besides potatoes you use milk and butter to make up a good mash. These give the potatoes a magical touch and make them appear so much more as they take on lightness. You mix them in at the end, after you have mashed they potatoes, to give them the right fluffiness.

Where can you find mashed potatoes around here? All the restaurants that serve up extras will include mashed potatoes. These places include guariques, popular restaurants, such as picanterias and peñas. But more than in restaurants, mashed potatoes are one of our main foods we make at home whenever we wish.

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