Cusco is one of the 50 best cities in the world

The beautiful city of Cusco received another recognition. This time it was chosen as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Flight Network carried out this process to decide the ranking of the 50 best cities among many countries in the world for 2019.

This ranking was based on the opinion of more than 1000 travel writers, travel bloggers, and travel agencies around the world who have seen and experienced the best that the planet has to offer.

Celebration in Cusco (Water Coraza Morveli)
Celebration in Cusco (Water Coraza Morveli)

According to Flight Network:

“This broad collaboration produced the most thoughtful and definitive list of the best cities in the world, a guide that will inspire travelers not only in 2019 but in the years to come.”

In the ranking of the 50 best cities in the world, there are beautiful cities with a cultural legacy such as: Paris, New York, London, Venice, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Budapest, etc. While the city of Cusco is in position number 34, with the image of Machu Picchu.

The Marvelous of Machu Picchu
The Marvelous of Machu Picchu

All those mentioned were published on the Flight Network page (

In recent years, tourism in the city of Cusco has grown considerably. It id expected that millions of people around the world know the city of Cusco for how beautiful it is and that it has a great cultural diversity to show visitors.

All the people of Cusco are proud of the achievements of our city. Thus, next year Cusco will be one of the best places to visit. Of course, with this news all tourism companies are preparing to receive new visitors way eager to know this culture with charm and attention.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

I am completely Cusqueño and am 20 years old. By profession, I am a systems analyst. I like to listen to and play Andean music as well as do break dancing. I also love to share my experiences as someone from Cuzco with other people. One of my great goals is to get to know my culture more deeply and share it with others, both people of other generations and brothers and sisters from other parts of the world.

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