Cusco Celebrates Fathers’ Day

Today, throughout Peru, homage is paid to all Peruvian fathers. From very early in the morning the greetings begin to come in as well as the gifts and food from their children and their wife, as well as other loved ones. It is a day to celebrate.

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day

In Cusco it is our custom to get together with the whole family from early in the morning to enjoy a family breakfast. We eat a delicious Cusco-style adobo or maybe a chicken soup. Other customs that are even more traditional is that the children get up very early and make a ponche de habas, a broad bean drink, to give the first greeting to their dad.

The expectations for this day are huge. There will be gastronomic festivals, as well as those where there is dancing and fun. Tonight there will be concerts in different parts of the city. In this way our dear fathers will have their special moment.

To that hero who we love so much with all our heart, for his example, dedication, love and more, Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad.

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