Craving Sickness (Millco) in Children and How to Cure It

The Millco,or cravings, that most children suffer from 6 months, when they start to try their first foods, is very common. Many times parents do not know how to recognize the symptoms and much less how to treat it. Many people do not have economic resources to take their children to a pediatrician.

In this article we leave all the necessary information we have traditionally in Cusco so that you can know about craving sickness; It can be cured at home with ingredients that are never missing.

Among the most common symptoms we find:

• Stomach ache.
• Little and often painful defecation.
• Presence of blood and mucus when defecating.

To treat this illness, we must do the following:

• First, we must split an egg in two and use one of the parts of the shell which will serve as a small container. In it the mother will have add some milk from her breast and very finely chopped asanapa herbs. She will boil that in the same egg shell over very low heat for 1 to 2 minutes.

• When ready, let it cool for a moment until warm. Give this preparation to the baby or child in a spoon. Spread the rest of the preparation over the belly to the level of the coccyx. By the next day your child will be completely healthy.

This is a great home remedy available to all mothers. Without a doubt, according to our natural medicine maintained through oral tradition, it is 100% effective.

This ill of cravings also attacks the elderly, and the symptoms usually are the same, but the advantage is that they remember that they have craved and have not eaten. To solve this, the person has to eat what he craved and so the evil will quickly pass.

Since ancient times, people have been cured of their ailments making use of natural medicine and the healing properties of plants. We can continue with this tradition that our ancestors left us because there is nothing better than the medicinal plants that the Pachamama gives us.

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