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Corn with Cheese: The Delicacy of the Incas

A perfect combination, cholo with cheese. It has a fusion of flavor, of sweet and salty. Peruvian fresh corn has a delicious taste and a chewy texture that most fall in love with.

In the nearby Sacred Valley of the Incas they grow the best corn on the cob for this dish with its large kernels and delicate flavor.

As the grandparents say, the fresh corn season comes to Cuzco and we wake up to this delight of the Incas.

Corn, called sara in Quechua, was the sacred plant of ancient Peru. It belonged to what they called Hanac Pacha, the earth above or the sky. They say it accompanied the dead on their journey since ancient times.

An ear of corn was considered sacred and was also an important food in the time of the Incas. They, in their wisdom, considered corn a great wonder.

In the city of Cusco corn with cheese is offered in most restaurants between the months of January and March when it is its season. It is a delight that has caught the attention of the people who visit us. We can also buy it in traditional Cusco markets.

Preparing corn with cheese is the easiest. You first need fresh corn on the cob. We peel off the husk and then boil the corn in a pot with water in which we put aniseed to give a touch of unique flavor. The cheese we buy from out favorite vendor in the market. Those cheeses that are so good you want to even luck your fingers. Combined with corn it makes one of the best dishes we have in Cusco.

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