Condemaita de Acomayo, Cultural Heritage of Peru

Condemayta de Acomayo

The songs of Condemaita de Acomayo show the true sense of Andean feelings and emotions. Its lead singer is often called the “Calandria del Sur”, the “songbird of the south”. She sings to the traditional rhythms of the pure huayno. Everyone stomps their feet to her rhythms and tunes until there is no sweat left to drip down their brow.

Condemaita de Acomayo is a vernacular musical group who performs with the enchanting lead of Maria Tintaya Rayo.

The huayno is a genre that identifies the people of the south, especially, although its roots go throughout the country. It is among the music that is most listened to here in Cuzco, especially if you go into the restaurants and picanterías that are defined as typical, as relating to our essence and our identity.

The Calandria del Sur is an artistic name that is also a call of attraction and love. It refers to a small bird that lives among corn stalks, a kind of lark, whose song is performed with such sweetness that it enchants those who hear it.

To the rhythm of the harp, the charango, mandolin, and a native stringed instrument—the bandurria or rondin, their songs show our lifeways and culture. They enter the depths of the heart that is ours and becomes our identity. Among the unforgettable ones are: Cuerpo Soltero, Cervezita Cusqueña, Challwachallay, and Brisas de Acomayo .

With much pride, we Peruvians feel pleased with this musical group that stands for all the rest of us. They are the emblem of our identity. The purity of their songs has caused them to be recognized as intangible cultural heritage of the nation.

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