Choquequirao, a Must See Place for 2015

The Incas came and went in an historical eye-blink and yet they left—despite the brevity of their occupation—wondrous cities. While Machu Picchu is the most acclaimed and maybe the most visited, they dotted the landscape with well-placed and majestic urban constructions that stretch the imagination. Many of these, unfortunately languish in ruin, under brush, or even under growing modern cities.

National Geographic recently named one of them, a remote and hence well repossessed one — Choquequirao — as one of the top twenty “Best Trips” of 2015.

As the condor flies, Choquequirao rises from mountains and brush near Machu Picchu, but it is still not easy to get there, taking time and trekking.

The site, consisting of twelve urban areas, conforms majestically to a stunning landscape where you are as likely to see condors flying overhead as people coursing up and down stone stairs. Located in Cuzco’s Province of La Convencion above the historically important Apu Rimac, the River of the Speaking Lord (or Mountain).

The mystery of the river’s name communicates the remoteness and mystery of this site that only recently has come to be a tourist destination and still does not draw crowds because of its remoteness.

Like Machu Picchu or Pisaq, Choquequirao is built vertically; it moves up and down a stunning mountain side where the landscape is as important as the constructions. You will be amazed with the views from the plaza of this increasingly significant site.

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