Children’s Games Keep Culture Alive, The Kiwi

Children Playing in Cuzco (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The traditional children’s games of Cuzco are very important though they are at risk if disappearing with the advance of technology. Every day the city’s children set aside our traditional culture of play in favor of time spent before the computer or phones, and digital games.

Parents are not giving their children incentives to play our traditional games because they, in turn, lack time and because the games are not popular. Unlike games dependent on illuminated screens, our traditional play requires physical and mental skills such as running, jumping, shouting, and more. They help advance children’s growth in body and mind.

A Pyramid of Cans (Walter Coraza Miorveli)
A Pyramid of Cans

We have games like plic plac, jump-rope (salta soga), escondidas (hide and go seek), the seven sins (los siete pecados), kiwi, and others, they are all games that have come down to use generation to generation. It is important we remember how these games were, what were their rules for playing, and—especially—how much fun we had playing them..
Kiwi is a game in which physical and mental ability play an important role To play you use tin cans, whatever their size, and a ball.
Eight of ten cans are placed one on top of another to make a pyramid. One or two of the children playing trap the others in order to win.The others toss the ball, trying to make only the minimal amount of cans fall so that they can make a pyramid.

Once they throw the ball and destroy the pyramid the children must run to not be hit by the ball. If they are lucky they can throw themselves to the kiwi to construct the pyramid and win the game. That is why the ability to run, jump, bend down, and think strategically are necessary in order to trap the other kids,

You Will Be Out (Walter Coraza Morveli)
You Will Be Out 

This game is very fun and, at the same time, it wears you out. Since children are hyperactive it helps them to exercise fully and at the end of the game they will feels satisfied and calmer. We should remember our traditional games and teach them to our children in order to keep alive the traditions of our ancestors.

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