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Chicken Stew Delights in Cuzco

Delicious Stew in Cuzco

How about a delicious chicken stew for lunch? This is one of the questions made every day in one home or another of Cuzco where people frequently prepare this dish. This wonderful meal is one of the main courses that makes its way onto the tables of the Imperial city.

This meal is well loved. The juicy dish includes a generous serving of stewed chicken along with potatoes. And it is accompanied by fluffy white rice.

Tomato is one of the necessary ingredients for this stew. Thanks to this flavorful ingredient the stew takes on a rich color and unique flavor. It looks so good with the chicken and potatoes that it makes you want to eat it right away.

Potatoes are one of the main ingredients for food in Cuzco. The majority of our dishes involve them in one way or another, whether they are soups or main courses. People also like to combine them with rice, so that a meal has two carbohydrates.

You can serve potatoes not only in their boiled form but mashed. We love mashed potatoes along with rice when a stew is served. The two take up the flavorful juice of the dish and satisfy our taste buds.

White rice is another almost omnipresent food in Cuzco. It is especially used for accompaniment in main dishes.

If these two are popular, chicken is too. Every day people eat more chicken and it seems that the majority of our favorite dishes now rely on this bird. Years ago beef was the boom meat in the city. The majority of foods were prepared with beef. Now people prefer to seek a version made with chicken and it has become our principal animal food.

From the mixture of these ingredients is born a delicious Chicken stew. If you are in Cuzco, you can enjoy it with a family or ask for it in a local restaurant.

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