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Celebrate the International Day of Natural Medicine Today

The International Day of Natural Medicine is celebrated on October 22nd every year. On this day it is good to remember if you have every relied on natural medicine to help heal or cure yourself of some ill. This might include a tea of chamomile, lemon verbena, or other herbs in order to soothe your digestive system or if you have suffered from cholics or stomachache.

Natural medicine is, in many cases, an alternative for remedying or alleviating many of the problems that afflict us daily. Many plants with curative properties are available in the moment we most need them.

In different places on earth you can find a seeming endless variety of plants with beneficial properties. With the passage of time each culture has become acquainted with and experimented with the power of plants. Today all of that learning and experimentation comes together in the use of it to develop antibiotics and other pills.

Many peoples and places continue with their traditions of using natural medicine, rather than the distant products of them found in pills. Cuzco is one of them. A great part of its population has some knowledge of the plants and from time to time use these remedies to maintain their health or to cure some ill.

Medicinal plants can be found growing wild in the fields and hills near the city, although in some cases they are hard to find. As a solution the markets of the city have vendors who bring together all kinds of medicinal plants from the various regions around us so that people do not have to go looking for them.

At a relatively low cost you can acquire the plants you need as well as indications on how to use them from the people who sell them. Many people ask what they should take for what bothers them. Not just the vendors, but most older people have lots of knowledge of these themes and if you ask they will tell you.

Many young people are forgetting these remedies and are coming to depend ever more on what is sold in the pharmacies as pills, unlike earlier generations who maintained their inherited knowledge of plants and their benefits.

When a child twists and turns from cholics or stomachaches now many people take her or him straight to the doctor when they used to prepare a tea of chamomile, celery, mint, or something else to alleviate her troubles.

In many tows near the city these natural remedies are still relied on since people do not have enough money to be able to afford going to a doctor or a clinic. Individually and in their community they support each other in order to resolve the problems they face through natural medicine.

It is important to remember that natural medicine provides remedies for many of the common ills we face and that you can rely on it without having to pay so much and without having to make an appointment. Furthermore, by using these plants your body will not get accustomed to using chemicals but will keep its reliance on nature and plants.


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