Cats Claim Place in Cuzco’s Stories

A Little Cat in Cuzco

Cats are beautiful animals. They give us lots of fun and pleasure with their games when they are around the people who care for them. But they have a different aspect. Many people insist they have had disagreeable experiences with these felines.

People know a black cat is considered bad luck and if it crosses your path you will have problems or misadventures that you would have never expected. This aspect of cats is much exploited in terror films and ones of tragedies. They use cats as part of their scenes to bring the feeling of misfortune.

Well, one time in Cuzco there was a young couple that had a small cat. They enjoyed it and would spend hours with their much loved pet. After a few years the couple decided to have a baby.

When the woman was five or six months pregnant she was happy and sat on the sofa of her home. She picked up her cat and began to pet it when suddenly she began to feel very sharp pains in her womb.

An older woman who lived nearby ran to help. She said that the child had gotten jealous of the cat the couple had. She told the young woman that she should not be near the cat for the next few months until after the baby was born.

One day, after the baby’s birth, you could see the cat in the shadows nearby. It was obvious it was planning something against the baby boy. After a few days, it attacked the child because it was jealous that the little boy stole the affections of the family from it. They no longer paid it much attention.

As a result, the couple decided to put the cat to sleep. For three months everything was calm. Then, one day, garbage appeared in their food and they could not figure out why or how. This happened for several days and so they decided to spy and see what was going on.   They wanted to find out who was putting garbage in the pans where they kept their food.

One night they saw a cat come in their window bringing garbage with it. They saw it open the pots and put garbage in them. Surprised and frightened, since they had killed the cat, they went to consult with someone who knew about this kind of thing.

That person told them that cats have seven lives and that the cat had just barely begun its vengeance. They were told to capture the cat and place it in a sack which they were then to fill with stones and toss in the river.

This they did so that the cat would not return to life and once on the river’s bottom it would finish up all its lives and not be able to come back and seek vengeance.

After a few nights something surprising happened. On the roof of their house they heart sounds like a baby crying. There was a gathering of cats led by the largest. However the cats were standing up and were carrying the dead cat that had been drowned. It seemed like they were carrying out a ceremony and were crying for their fallen comrade.

Many people said they had witnessed similar things in various opportunities and that they crying of cats outside the home sounds like the screams of babies.




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