Carlos Alcantara Promotes His New Film in Cuzco

Carlos Alcantara in Cusco (Brayan Coraza Morveli)

The famous Peruvian actor and commedian Carlos Alcantara arrived in Cusco yesterday to promote his new movie Perro Guardian or, in a literal translation, Guard Dog.

After the enormous success of his prior and very Peruvian films Asumare and A los 40, Alcantar returns to the screen with this movie in which we will see him play a different role. Instead of a comedy or a reflection of a particular generation in Lima we will see him in a thriller.

In the afternoon, yesterday, in Cuzco’s mall–the Real Plaza Cusco, many of his fans heard he would be there and quickly began to line up to ask for autographs and to be seen with him. He is living the part of a Peruvian celebrity, a new class of eminences who appear and shine in certain commercial places, such as malls, and in the process create a new, modern Peru.

This new movie which has already opened in Lima (on September 3rd) now appears in the Imperial City beginning this week.

This marks a new life for Peruvian film. Instead of the art films and social commentary of a Claudia Llosa, we see the development of films that give a Peruvian twist to mainstream, Hollywoodesque genres and which build on the massive, prior, growth of television comedy as a national and popular style that invokes mass audiences for the small screen, and now the large screen. Alcantara is indeed a social phenomenon,

Here is the trailer for the new thriller.

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