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Born by the Side of Andeans, the Potato

Today, the 30th of May, we pay homage to the potato; it is the National Day of the Potato in Peru. This day reminds of the nutritional value of this native, Andean food, which we consume every day in the many forms of Peruvian food.

This tuber is one of the most important foods in Cuzco as well as of the nation. Almost all the dishes of Cuzco require potatoes as a main ingredient.

Much has been written about the potato and its varieties. People will continue to write about this magnificent food. Today, its long and broad history invites us to continue writing about its past, its present, and its future, as well as about the seemingly infinite variations found in this tuber.

Selling Potatoes in the Market (Photo: Wayra)
Selling Potatoes in the Market (Photo: Wayra)

We Cuzqueños take it in our hands and admire its simplicity of form, before we make from it what really pleases us, whether it is a yellow potato, a white one, or a black one; whether it comes from the coast or from the highlands we make from it our impressive culinary creations.

If we try to list the dishes in which we find the potato, we will find it impossible. There are so many. We can only say that it was given to the world to salve it from the terrible consequences of hunger. This food is native to Andean America. When added to foods that originated elsewhere, such as corn, wheat, and rice, it becomes one of the four most important food crops in our country.

Bags of Potatoes (Photo: Wayra)
Bags of Potatoes (Photo: Wayra)

The potato was born with us, the people of the Andes. We invited it to our tables and it keeps us alive. It will see us grow old and will also see our children grow old.

But the potato is not only ours, anymore. It has made a journey around the world and transformed the lives and cuisines of people after people. The potato has been a magnificent gift from our Mother Earth to mankind.

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