Bells’ importance in Offerings to the Earth

The offering or payment to the earth, as it is known, is a very important ritual for Andean people. It returns to the land or Pachamama all that it gives us. The symbols used in the offering, called a Mesa, have an important meaning.

Bells can not be missing. They are made of bronze and there are of different sizes. Also, each one of them has different sounds. The places where the offerings are made have a lot to do with the use of these items.

The apus or mountains have great meaning to us. They show is a duality of masculine and feminine. Each of these bells is used to wake up and call the apus so they can enjoy this offering.

The deepest sounding bell and the one with the richest sound serves to call the male apus while the other, smaller bell, the one with the higher sound is used to call the female apus.

All that duality is very important for the offering to the earth to be effective and these bells are essential to perform the ritual. Knowing all this, depending on where you are, it is necessary to identify the apus.

The person in charge of making this offering and ringing the bell is the Andean priest, also known as Paco. He is the only one who can make use of these bells.

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