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Avocados and Unusual Avocado Juice Excite in Cuzco These Days

Avocado Juice Ready to Drink

Avocado season has begun. From the first two weeks of January it continues through March. During this time, the lovers of avocados can enjoy their flavor and variety for a bit more than a couple of months. They can also enjoy surprising ways of preparing them.

During these days the market fills with the green hope of fresh avocados that have great flavor. There are different varieties for every taste. We can find Fuertes, Creamies, Fingers, and many more.

There are many ways of preparing avocados. There is a salad, the Palta a la Reina, an avocado sandwich, among others. But the strangest seemed avocado juice. I had heard a friend speak of it. Although I had tried many other avocado derivatives, I had never tried avocado juice and, as a result, it immediately called my attention.

Sliced Avocado
Sliced Avocado

I went around asking many people if they had tried avocado juice. They all thought it strange to hear that you could make a juice from the avocado. Some were surprised and asked what it tasted like. Is it sweet? What is its flavor?

Out of curiosity, and to be able to answer the question of avocado juice’s taste I decided to go out and ask more, as well as taste the flavor of the juice. With this goal in mind one morning I went to the San Pedro market. I arrived at the juice section. In this section we find the best juices from the most exotic to the most exuberant.

In one of the stands I met the Casera Monica while all the ladies were calling out to me to sit and enjoy one of their delicious juices. Monica is a charming and charismatic person. For those reasons she has become well known in the market.

Avocado Juice Made at San Pedro Market
Avocado Juice Prepared at San Pedro Market

I asked for avocado juice, even though she did not have it listed on her menu. She told me she did not add it to the printed list since very few people ask for it. “For those who know about it there is no problem. I will make it for them.”

While she was making the juice she told me about its value. “It is important because of the natural fats it has. Avocado is very good to overcome the effects of animal fats on our bodies.”

The ingredients of the juice, it turns out, are avocado, milk, and honey. Monica blended them all together.

My drink was finally done. Monica served it to me in a large glass. The green color of the avocado did not change, although it became a bit less intense because of the milk and honey. When I tasted it, its flavor was soft and suave on my palate. There was a subtle flavor of avocado that did not break the balance of flavors. It was really good. I was enchanted.

Avocado For Sale in the Market
Finger Avocados For Sale in the Market

It was a very good experience. All the way home the subtle flavor of the juice stayed with me. My palate was just satisfied. The drink had softened it and left it smooth.

Other vendors in the market tell us that few people ask for avocado juice. But many people who have tasted it and realized how delicious and soothing its flavor is ask for it again. They do so because of its taste and not just because of its nutritional value. This is a juice that is just surprisingly good and well worth having again and again.

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