Art Education and Murals in Cuzco

An Art Gallery Of Cusco's Artist (Walter Coraza Morveli)

People’s imagination and art is a success. Everyday we see more and more youth and older people dedicate themselves to drawing and painting. In order to do this kind of work, however, they pass through a good process of learning.

There are various forms of art as well as various ways of carrying out the work. Many people are dedicated only to doing portraits, others working in pencil or carbon, or other to making caricatures.

From the time they are very small, while in school their teachers are the ones who discover the talent of each child. That is why in the city of Cuzco, when murals re desired, the teachers can recommend their best students to do splendid work.

An Art Workshop at the School (Walter Coraza Morveli)
An Art Workshop at the School (Walter Coraza Morveli)

In our schools all students take courses in art. But they generally only have the class one day a week and only for two hours. While they are doing the class, the teacher helps them carry out very basic tasks, such as mixing colors, until with time they are able to carry out more complex and demanding artistic tasks.

The most well known of the materials that are used by the small and large artists in Cuzco are watercolors, temperas, colors, brushes, and others. These are their main tools with which to make their art that impresses people and calls their attention.

Paintings For Sale (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Paintings For Sale (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Every so often, in Cuzco you will see competitions in art and painting. Today artists do not just make their works known in papers or on canvas. They often go out into the street to work on murals in the walls.

Only the schools that have a group of students trained and dedicated to this can compete. In 2007 a contest was carried out in front of the Seguro. There you can still see wonderful paintings from it and all carry the names of the schools that participated.

Artist From the Bellas Artes Painting on a Wall
Artist From the Bellas Artes Painting on a Wall


These days a contest is being carried out in mural art on Recoleta Street. The other day, after awakening, I walked down the street and stopped for just a minute. It was just long enough for two youths there to claim my complete attention. It was not just I, a small crowd was forming and like me everyone in it was impressed to see how they carried out the drawings. After some days I saw they were beginning the phase of painting. It was amazing.

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