Andean Song Day

Today June 15, is celebrated throughout Peru “The Day of the Andean Song”, we need to value, understand and transmit the sweetness and musical richness that our Andean ancestors left us in time. Its style and its various forms of expression change in each Andean locality or community.

Its solemnity and function with the sound of Andean instruments such as Charango, Tarka, Harp, Mandolin, Bandurria, Pinkillo, Zampoña, Siku, Pututos, Tinya, la quena, etc., recalls characteristics of the so-called Andean “Indigena” music, which embraces numerous groups worldwide, which move and transmit the Andean genre.

This date is very important in Peru, since this genre is part of our musical culture. On June 15, homage is paid and the great legacy of our ancestors is celebrated along with all the musicians, performers, composers, who cultivate sounds. musicals from the Andes in different parts of the world.

The day of the Andean Song was declared in Peru in 2006 during the government of former president Alejando Toledo Manrique through supreme decree No. 013-2006-ED. This document takes into account the importance of the sixth month of the year in the Andean calendar, where the Inti Raymi – Fiesta del Sol is celebrated.

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