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Ancestral Medicine Against Diarrhea

A Frightened Boy and His Mother

Since ancient times natural medicine has played a very important role in our everyday life and to this day it has been maintained, in some places with little force but in others, such as in the communities, it is maintained and It is practiced with greater force.

All this knowledge is kept from generation to generation. Our grandparents who know the healing properties of plants say that natural remedies will always be better than chemicals and that it is a pity that nowadays little by little this valuable knowledge is being lost. People are forgetting how wise nature is.

One of the most common illnesses in children and adults is diarrhea, an illness that causes weight loss and weakness in children. If it is not controlled it can even cause death. Many times, the remedies to fight this evil are very expensive and we do not realize that the cure is within our reach and our possibilities.

Our ancestors made a special preparation that offered great results, a concoction that few know anymore. We will share the recipe with you.

The pomegranate is one ingredient. It is a red fruit that stands out for its great antioxidant and antiseptic power, it is an anti-inflammatory, it is an antimicrobial, and it is effective against diarrhea.

Pomegranate for Sale (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Pomegranate for Sale (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The seed of the avocado is another component of the remedy. It helps raise the body\s defenses and fights the diseases caused by microbes, fungi and parasites. It is an astringent and is ideal for treating diarrhea and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to prepare the medicine according to our grandparents

Take a pomegranate, wash it, peel it, and dry the shell. In a pot of boiling water place a piece of the pomegranate shell and a piece of the peel from the avocado seed. Let it all boil for 5 minutes and cool it. When it is ready you can give the child a drink every time it is thirsty.

Peru's Hass Avocado (Wayra)
Peru’s Hass Avocado (Wayra)

We hope that this remedy continues to be maintained and that this knowledge of natural medicine is not lost since for us it is healthier than chemical medicine.

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