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Ajha Raymi 2019: The Festival of The Chicha in Cusco

Cusco is one of the cities that has a wide variety of cuisine such as baked Cuy, broth of chicken, etc. At the doors of his retirement day the municipality of Cusco in coordination with the Picanterías Association of Cusco held a food festival in the square of San Pedro “The AJHA RAYMI or Chicha party” on June 8.

This activity was carried out with the main objective of promoting the culture and customs of Cusco that have the traditional picanterías of this city and that still continue to provide a delicious meal to the population.

According to the reports of the municipality of Cusco in this festival 14 traditional picanterías participated. Among the picanterías that participated in this festival we have the Chomba, Waly 1, Manuelitas, The stove of the Manuelitas, Chanita, Sol de Mayo, 4 Their, the Wall, fifth Eulalia, Maria Angola, Qori Wapi, the Caporales, Sumaq Soncco , among others.

In addition, a contest was held for the best strawberry and chicha de jora in which the artisan elaboration of these delicious beverages was presented with the use of a hearth, raqui, reed baskets and straw sifter. In addition to the chicha and the strawberry, the picanterías prepared different dishes typical of the region such as guinea pig, chiriuchu, soltero, chicharrón, sufle de rocoto, etc.

Gastronomia en el festival de la chicha - foto: Luis Olivera
Delicious and traditional food in the festival of chicha – foto: Luis Olivera

There were also some traditional orchestras from Cusco such as Son Cordova, Gualberto Apaza, dance groups, among others.


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The festivities are approaching for the jubilee day of the city of Cusco, we invite you from Cuzco Eats to share and attend all these activities, you will not regret it.

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