A Walking-Damned Girl Ate Children in Cusco


Some years ago, when Cusco was still small, there was a family who lived near the Plaza de Armas. They owned an hacienda and had much land that they dedicated to agriculture. All the food they harvested were sold in the Plaza.

At the time there was a lot of poverty and many people had little money in order to buy food. They could not support her family and for that reason had to often exchange their children for food and, in that way, not die from hunger.

This landowning family was made up of 4 people: the mother, the father, and two children, a 10 year old boy and a fifteen year old girl. The children had all but they were not happy because their parents did not dedicate much time and did not show them much love. The worst is that the two siblings did not get along and they spent all their time fighting and arguing.

With every passing day the life of the two was bad. The parents never gave much importance to their children. One day as the son was going down the siblings began to fight scandalously until the older of the two, the sister, was so angry she threw a bottle at her brother with so much force that he fell to the ground, dead.

Though she was only fifteen she had become a murderer and she did not know what to do. She decided to bury her brother in the garden and then commit suicide. When the parents came home they found out what had happened. They felt horrible pain and felt guilty for what had happened.

The girl’s suffering was not over, however. Because of her sins she ended up as one of the walking damned, a condenado. Every night she would put on a black veil and go out to look for children to eat. She visited various houses and every time she found a child in one of them she would eat it.

As time went by people tired of all the children that disappeared. One day a women saw a girl dressed in a black veil enter her neighbor’s house. The veil covered her whole face and body. The next day a cry went out that the neighbor’s children were gone. Everyone got together and decided to trap the condenada.

The Family
The Family from Cuzco, The Mother and Two Children

The city’s people left a child in a house and waited till nightfall. When the walking damned girl appeared. She entered the house slowly looking for the child but before she could eat it the people trapped her.

They tied her down with ropes and chains and took her to the cathedral. There they beat her strongly for a long time until the damned one became a beautiful white dove and began its flight to heaven.

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