A Visit to a Funny Place in a Snow Mountain called Qolque Punku.

Two months ago I made a trip to Qoyllority a snow mountain in Cuzco, when I was there people were celebrating its anniversary and many people came on pilgrims. It is actually considered a sacred place by the Andeans, called in Quechua Qolque Punku, the gate of silver.  This is a beautiful place that gives you peace and transforms your energy in goodness.

I took some pictures I want  you to see.  Some of them are: textures of its weather, colors of its region, and the beauty of this place.

I enjoyed visiting this place.  It made me feel very good and relaxed.  If you want to visit it just takes you three hours from Cuzco to Maguallany and then you just walk three hours  uphill to get there.



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