A Stage for Visiting Artists, Cuzco’s Streets Make a Great Show

Over the years, the small city of Cuzco has become a distinctive space in the world. It is a city which people from all over wish to know, especially younger travelers who come for its Inca sites but also for the culture and life of the place.

Above all it is a place where all are welcome. There are no distinctions or exclusions. It is a small point of the planet but it has an enormous heart and receives all as if they were its own children. There you can learn about out past and get to know the true feeling we have for the Pachamama, the Mother Earth. You can also share your culture with us and learn of ours.

On the city’s streets you will see every day tourists from all over the world. They visit and enjoy the attractions that Cuzco offers, each with different ends and motives, day and night. There is a lot of movement in the city, especially the artistic show that is found, varied and different, every day in the streets.

Great artists enthrall the Inca streets. They are travelers who come to make unforgettable experiences while traveling the cosmic belt of the south. They travel to the rhythm of their music sharing their passion for art with whoever passes by.

Local People Sharing Culture with Foreign People
Local People Sharing Culture with Foreign People

They make the days joyful by sharing their attractive and pleasing presentations. You will hear from jazz to cumbia. They play well known as well as strange instruments. People in Cuzco, whether foreigners or locals, share their ways and learn from other cultures through the great show that is given to us by these people every day.


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Besides musicians you will find great artists who practice juggling and other arts at traffic lights and street corners. They share their enjoyable spectacles.

Thanks to all these artists and the many things they give to Cuzco we feel at home. They teach us and above all they help us live experiences that will pulse whenever we think of Cuzco.

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