A New Species of Orchid is Discovered in The Heart of Peru

Peru has a great diversity of ecological wealth including a great variety of Orchids.

The main center for the growth of Orchids in Peru is the jungle’s upland edge because this is where different valleys come together, some more humid and others more dry.

Recently a new species of orchid has been discovered in the Tingo Maria National Park. The park aims to conserve the flora and fauna of the place as well as to protect the natural areas of “the Cave of the Owls” and “the Sleeping Beauty” so called because it is a mountain chain that has the shape of a woman lying down. it is precisely in this place, exactly in the throat of this sleeping beauty, at 1500 meters above sea level, where this new species of orchid has been found. It which was baptized with the name of Andinia Tingo Mariana in honor of the protected area where it was first seen.

This new species has been discovered thanks to a research study developed by several park rangers and volunteers from SERNANP that was recognized by the Department of Biological and Ecological Organizations of Colorado (United States).

Among the characteristics that stand out in this orchid is that it has unguiculate, reniform, and ciliated petals of purple and brilliant color.

This is a great discovery in the reserve and a reward for the constant research work that has been carried out within the park.

Photo reference: National Geographic

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