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A New, Delicious Fruit Shines in Our Markets

Ripe, Tasty and Juicy Granadilla Fruit (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

With every day that passes the city grows on you. You wake up and go out to walk its streets. If you enter a market you will always find new things awaiting you. The vendors, we call them caseras, will always surprise you with something different, whether food, fruit, or seasonings.

This month, our markets will please you with granadilla, a very popular fruit in Cuzco. It is a member of the same family as the passion fruit and is called pass flora singulars in Latin. Only at this time of the year can you enjoy it.

Its color is an intense yellow and it is shaped like a ball. It has a strong husk that can be just a bit difficult to penetrate. But after you peel it you will have the surprise of finding another peel around the fruit, this time white. It is simple to peel, though some people just eat it. Mainly though you eat the numerous black seeds inside with their delicious pulp.

It is hard to resist this fruit once you have tasted it. It is wonderful.

The Inside Delight of Granadilla (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
The Inside Delight of Granadilla (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

These days you will see housewives buying the fruit in great quantity to take home, especially if they have children at home. They are the ones who most eat the fruit, because it is sweet and has a unique flavor. They are happy to eat it everyday.

Besides its delicious flavor, it also is known to have medicinal value. People say it is good to help relieve constipation. Most people in our city know that if you suffer from constipation all you have to do is eat this delicious fruit and your Bowles will loosen quickly. You will soon feel much better.

The granadilla can be found these days in all of our markets. You can buy it by the kilo or individually. The market women adorn their stalls with this beautiful fruit. They clean the fruit until it shines and then place it in a very visible spot so that it will steal glances from all who pass by.

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