A Festival of Light and Sound Thrilled Cuzco

Fireworks over Cuzco (Photo: Wayra)

With much joy, Cuzco carried out las night its Festival of LIght and Sound. It was a great spectacle that amazed an enormous crowd in the Plaza de Armas and nearby streets and squares, with its marvel. The fireworks impressed, while the music touring bands and the animation on the big screens kept the crowd going til the early hours of the morning.

This most awaited event was organized by EMUFEC, the municipal enterprise of feasts and celebrations. It began around seven pm and the great Plaza Haucaypata, the Plaza de Armas, was the principal place that drew a substantial portion of the city’s population for this grand party in honor of our city.

After the massive firework show launched from the Church of San Cristobal, high on the hill, recognized and popular artists of Peruvian music, such as the Grupo Candela, and the Son de Cuzco, took on the responsibility of making the people of Cuzco dance and have fun.

Cuzco Eats provides a short sample of the fireworks and fun in these videos by Wayra.


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