36 years since Saqsayhuamán declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation

La Fortaleza de Sacsayhuaman (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The archaeological park of Saqsayhuamán celebrates 36 years since it was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation. Different events are prepared, such as photographic exhibitions, to commemorate the thirty-sixth anniversary of the declaration.

On July 11, 1982, a declaration is established specifying the 2,997.26 hectares of the Archaeological Park of Saqsayhuamán are intangible, inalienable and imprescriptible, for being a historical cultural space of enormous heritage value.

Saqsayhuamán is an archaeological park located in the District, Province and Department of Cusco, visited by hundreds of people every day. It is part of one of the most purchased conventional tours and included in the official tourist ticket.

It was a very important place in the Inca period. In it, is performed today, the staging of the Inti Raymi one of our most important festivals. They are still doing archeological and restoration work there. This includes discovery of walls and items that are part of this archaeological park that hides secrets that have not yet been revealed.

The large stones located within the archaeological center are the ones that draw the most attention to visitors. They are large segments of limestone that were cut with precision to fit exactly into huge zigzagging walls. More than that is the complex history and the different vestiges found in this place which fill the lives of all the professionals who dedicated their time and work.

Saqsayhuamán is one of the treasures that Peru has and that all people are proud of. We know this archaeological park and invite more people

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