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How can you get water out of your ears?

A problem you have after going to the beach or a swimming pool, even sometimes after just taking a shower, is that water can enter your ears.  If you do not get it out as soon as possible, it can bother you. It can make it hard to sleep and even turn painful.

Our question is how do we get the water out. You can go to a doctor, if you must.  Or, you can try to get it out with Q-Tips or, even better, rely on home remedies that are very effective.

Remedio casero para sacar agua del oído (Brayan Coraza Morveli)
Remedio casero para sacar agua del oído (Brayan Coraza Morveli)

Here is a commonly used solution.  For it you just need a piece of paper and matches.

With the paper you make a cone. You should tip your head so that the side where you have water is inclined. Put the cone on your ear and light its outer end on fire. With that, you will hear a sound like “toc” inside your ear and you will immediately have to tip your head so the water can come out.

You do the same for the other ear, if it has water in it. This remedy is very effective for getting the water out. However, it is recommended that you have an adult helping you, if you are young,  and you must do it very carefully since flame is dangerous and you do not want to set anything else on fire and want to be able to put out the cone when the water exits.

Be very careful if you use this remedy with the flame and the change of pressure it causes in your ear.  In English, this remedy is called ear candling and has a long history.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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