Peru, World Champion in Exotic Birds

Peru is a country that has a great abundance of flora and fauna, from exotic species of mammals to beautiful birds of all colours. Thanks to this great variety of birds, our country participated in the Global Big Day event on May 9 and won the first place in reports of birds observed with a total of 1188 species. Of all these species observed and recorded, 85% of them are resistant to high and low temperatures, in addition to 120 species that are endemic.

The Global Big Day is an international contest with the aim of promoting bird watching all over the world in a single day. Each participating country must identify the largest number of birds. This event is cataloged as one of the biggest Ornithological competitions held worldwide.

The departments in which more birds were recorded were Madre de Dios and Cusco with a total of 440 and 428 species respectively. Among all these species we have the cock of the rocks, marvelous hummingbird or spatula tail, white-winged guan, Andean condor, flamingo, Peruvian miner, among others.

Each year more people participate collectively in these events of global competition with the interest of observing the largest number of birds in the country and promoting the importance of birds in this world.

These events are having a great impact on the different governments of the world since it has become a political interest to conserve and regulate the conservation of wildlife with increasingly protective regulations limiting hunting and deforestation of the habitats of these species (especially endangered species).

If you are passionate about birds we invite you from Cuzco Eats to be part of these events and thus help the conservation of many of these magnificent animals.

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