The Day of Children, the Country’s Hope

According to the General Assembly of the United Nations, every year every government must celebrate Children’s Day on the date they propose, which is why Peru celebrates the day of the child every third Sunday of May of each year and this year’s we celebrated on Sunday, May 20.

This event is held in order that all people become aware of the need to protect children and let them enjoy each of life’s stages and that their rights are respected without being mistreated and without being required to work in adult roles.

In commemoration of this day, activities are carried out to pay homage to these small members of our family and our society since they are the future of our society.

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As it is the most anticipated day for children, the different regions, the municipalities of each City, shopping centers, and the NGOs, of our country are all organized. They choose different activities to celebrate this day. It is the same in our educational institutions where teachers and parents organize activities for a whole week. Among the activities we can mention:

Liberate the imagination: this activity consists of making drawing and painting competitions, of expressing what they like the most on a piece of paper, what catches their attention the most.

Contest of traditional games: jump rope, Twister, the jacks, tops, ringo alone, etc.

Outdoor rides.

Magic and theater shows: this is an activity that many children like.

Singing competitions and children’s shows, etc.

These are some of the many options to help a child enjoy their day. You can take advantage to share them with your children. You can take them to games, eat, etc. But above all let us dedicate our time because today they are children and it is the stage where they most need us, our love, our understanding and our time.

Children are the joy of home and when there are problems or violence, they are the most affected. Thus it is important that adults reflect on the role they play within the core of the family and think about the training and protection that are given to the little ones.

Remember, a child should never be corrected by hitting. Instead, they should be counseled and taught by example.

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