Pitumarka's Temple (Eric Rayner)

Leaving this Life, an Octava in Pitumarka

Members of Pitumarkas Weaving Cooperative (Eric J. Rayner)

Drinking and Eating at a Wedding in Pitumarka

Having a Magic Moments in the Circus

No Fiesta without a Circus

Peru's Flag and a New Generation (Wayra)

Peru’s Red and White Waves on High

Asnapa: Bundle of Herbs (Arnold Fernandez)

Bundles of Green Herbs Enliven Cuzco’s Food

Dance and Representing the Holy and History in Paucartambo (Wayra)

Feasts and Fiestas, Two Words that Miss Each Other

Cuy the Way Cuzqueños Love It

Guinea Pig Campaigns for North American Palates

A Rolled Kebab Cut in Half (Wayra)

Spits and Rollos Claim Cuzco

Caldos, Soup as Breakfast in Cuzco

Soup Warms and Nourishes for Breakfast in Cuzco