Andean Tiradito (Photo: Wayra)

Despite Naysayers, Peruvian Cuisine Surges Abroad

Pisco Sour, Cheers for a Good Life (Photo: Walter Coraza)

Simple and Yet Amazing, the Pisco Sour

Guinea PIg Stew, Pipian de Cuy (Photo: Walte Coraza Morveli)

One of Cuzco’s Favorite Dishes, Pipián de Cuy

Making a Kintu of Coca Leaves to Share with the Pacha Mama in the Way to Machu Picchu

Seeking Machu Picchu

Bread in Cuzco is Really Good, Especially by Mornings (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

A Variety of Bread Bakes Daily in Cuzco’s Ovens

Tiger's MIlk Cocktail to Revive You

Majestic Tiger’s Milk (Leche de Tigre), a Peruvian Delight

Stop Violence Agains Women (Photo: Wayra)

Stop Violence against Women