A Snake in the Hand (Photo: Wayra)

The Golden Snake and the Golden Cuy, A Cuzco Tale

Marca Peru Launches New Video (Photo: Wayra)

Marca Peru, Patriotic Flashmob

Patriotism through the MIrror (Photo: Clark)

Creole Music and Culture, the Sounds that Silence

Celebrating the Worker's Day with Great Food

Peruvians Celebrate Independence with Food

Soldier Shouting (Photo: Wayra)

The Military Occupied Cuzco’s Main Square Yesterday

The Seed Stalk of the Quinoa Plant (Photo: Wayra)

Quinoa’s Surprising Uses

Good Pizza at Nonna (Photo: Wayra)

You Need a Good Nonna and a Good Pizza

Flash Mob Dancing in Cuzco (Photo: Wayra)

Flash Mob Spins and Pounds Pavement Today in Cuzco