Qoricancha wall (Photo: Ch'aska)

Walls that Made History

Herbs from the Country Side

Aromatic Herbs for Eating and Healing in Cuzco

Into the Temple of the Sun (Photos: Alonzo Riley)

A Study of the Window

Cacao Pods from Echarate in Anta (Phoyo: Wayra)

The Anta International Fair Opened near Cuzco

Future and Past in Stone and Mud (Photo: David Knowlton)

Cuzco’s Stones Speak a Return to an Imperfect Future

Huatia by Sacsayhuman during Inti Raymi (Photo: Wayra)

Videos of Making Huatia by Sacsayhuaman Yesterday

Pots and Plates Underground (Museum of Banco Scotia) (Photo: Wayra)

What the Inca Origin Myth Says about Kinds of Food

An Oven made of Clods for Huatia (Photo: Arnold Fernandez Coraza)

Eating Huatia and June’s Celebrations in Cuzco

The Pututu Trumpet Sounds Announcing the Inca (Photo: Brayan Coraza Morveli)

Videos of the Second Act, Inti Raymi, 2013