Papa Helada with Cheese and Salad, San Pedro Market

Potatoes and Two Days of Frost, the “Papa Helada”

Chalkboard Offering Menus

Extras or Menu. Huh?

Pasta with Soy Protein at El Encuentro

Eating Vegetarian in Cuzco

Frog Soup, San Pedro Market, Cuzco

Frog Soup, Food for the Mind

Bread Vendor, San Pedro Market, Cuzco

Cuzco’s Traditional, Hand-Made Bread

Salteña in Cusco

A Study in Contrasts: Salteñas in Cuzco

Lúcuma and Maracuyá Smoothie

Hooray, Eureka, and Yajúu: Smoothies in Cuzco

Green Hot Sauce, Cuzco

Cilantro Sauce